Unique and meaningful ceremonies

Whether the simplest of farewells or a rich celebration of life, every Funeral should be as unique and special as your loved one. Our dedicated team offer expert advice and take care of every detail, tailoring a service that is perfectly appropriate.

By your side, every step of the way

It’s sometimes difficult to plan a funeral. What would your loved one have liked? What options are available? How do I order flowers or service sheets? At E.C Gilbert Ltd, our team understand that each service is unique and special and we tailor every detail to your wishes. We also understand that making decisions can feel overwhelming and we carefully break the process into smaller, manageable steps. Once decisions are made, simply let us take care of everything.

From funeral notices to choosing transport

To keep things from getting too overwhelming, we carefully break down the procedure into a number of smaller steps which we personally walk all of our Great Glen and Leicestershire clients through. From releasing funeral notices of the bereavement to choosing transport for the day of the funeral, we’re here to keep things simple.

Putting your needs first

Every client is different and we appreciate that funerals must be tailored to consider the individual needs of the bereaved and wishes of the deceased. That’s why all of our services are fully bespoke, in that we will always talk with you at length about what matters to you and customise the assistance we provide accordingly.

Our well-earned reputation throughout Great Glen

With almost a century of dedication to the Great Glen and larger Leicestershire community, E.C Gilbert Ltd Son have built up a reputation as a solid and experienced funeral director that puts the needs of our customers ahead of attempting to sell services. No matter what kind of funeral you’re looking for, there will always be an expert amongst our team.

To find out how we can assist all of your funeral arrangements

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